18 Jun

Harper Beckham’s dresses

I quite often buy my clothes from a charity shop in my neighbourhood, Mary’s Living & Giving shop for Save the Children. When some of the posh Hampstead ladies get bored with their dresses, even after a month or two, they donate it to the shop and then women like myself can buy a nice designer dress for  £15. Best of all, my money goes to Save the Children.

I was doing my morning stroll when I saw a lot of people waiting outside the shop. When I got closer it was obvious that there was a media craze going on, lots of people armed with cameras. Tiny, adorable dresses in the shop’s window reminded me of news saying that the Beckham’s were selling their daughter’s clothes for charity. Harper, this lovely little girl, is already a fashion icon. I hope she will be alright when she grows up, in spite of all the attention.





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