30 Jul

BriBry do Iceland!

Bri and Candice are a young Irish couple visiting every country in the world. Iceland was the fortieth country they travelled to. This video they made is funny and spot on. I specially like it when they imitate the Blue Lagoon introduction video.

The Youtube ad revenue from this channel goes to an Irish cancer charity called The Ross Nugent Foundation.


One thought on “BriBry do Iceland!

  1. I have a little story for Julia Bradbury. I am an Icelandic artist and photographer, have lived in London for years but travelling in the highlands of Iceland has always been a passion and I have had photo exhibitions both in London and Iceland, mainly from there. I happened to be in Iceland when the first erruption, in Fimmvorduhals occurred. Late at night I drove into to the Fljotsdalur Valley, as far as I was allowed to go, hoping to get photos of this (relatively small) eruption, but was soon stopped as individuals were not allowed to go anywhere near the action. It was after dark when I returned, but almost light because of a full moon shining brightly, having just appeared above the perfectly formed pure white dome of Eyjafjallajokull. And I thought, what beautiful, peaceful sight this was, stopped the jeep and sat there awestruck by the beauty of the scene! Little did I know what was to follow shortly after! I absoIutely loved your piece, which I only just watched for the first time. Congratulations!! Hb

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